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Young woman suffering from neck pain and backache, stretching the muscles at home. back and neck pain woman Premium Photo

It is well known that Back Pain plays a huge part for most of us sitting at our desks 9-5. It has been recently discovered that the Neck Pain is also associated with sitting at your desk for extended periods of time.

How is this caused and how can we avoid it?

Interesting enough, it may be partially our own doing... do we know if we are seated correctly? After all the desk and chair we are using 9-5 has been used by other colleagues were not built identical to us. 

What I mean by this is that our height, weight position of the chair as it relates to the desk and the angle of the monitor are all factors into your back and neck pain. If you are anything like me, I like to get close up to the screen and therefore my head is pushing forward while my back and shoulders are slouched .... and this where poor posture begins.

If you are doing this for long periods of time, these positions disrupt how the muscles in the neck, back and shoulders normally function. Making the muscles work harder and going against the typical characteristics function expected of these muscles.